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Litigation in the Netherlands

If you end up in a legal procedure or if you want to start a procedure, it is important that you hire a lawyer with knowledge of and experience with procedural law. Proceedings are not only about having a right, but also about getting a right. A litigation lawyer can work with you to ensure that you actually get your rights. The lawyers of SVZ advocaten have a lot of experience with various procedures and have extensive knowledge of civil and tax procedural law. Whether it concerns a general collection procedure in court or a more specialist trial, at SVZ advocaten you have come to the right place.

Due to our knowledge of procedural law, we litigate in civil cases before court and on appeal to the court of appeal. More specialist cases such as proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber are also conducted by our lawyers. In tax matters, we conduct objection and appeal procedures in accordance with the rules of fiscal procedural law.

Our lawyers can start legal proceedings for you. You can think of summary proceedings, basis proceedings or proceedings in which evidence is secured. Before starting a procedure, careful thought should be given to the strategy. It may also be important that first a formal letter is sent in which the other party is held liable, is summoned to do or not to do something, or in which an agreement is dissolved or annulled.

The proceedings start with a writ of summons that contains the claim and its grounds which is drafted for you by your lawyer. The final writ of summons is served on the counterparty or debtor, ordering it to appear in court. On the court date, the defendant has to file its written defence or ask for an adjournment. When the written defence is filed, the court usually schedules a court hearing at which all parties must appear. After the hearing, the court will issue its judgment.

If you want to start a procedure in the field of corporate law, liability law, employment law or rent law, you have come to the right place at SVZ advocaten ([email protected]).