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Dutch lawyer corporate law

SVZ advocaten is specialised in corporate law. We are able to advise and assist you with any questions about corporate law, such as directors’ liability and non-performance of an agreement. Our lawyers can provide you with clear advice and we can draft strong agreements to prevent legal problems. When it comes to legal proceedings, entrepreneurs have also come to the right place at SVZ advocaten. Our expertise in the field of company forms, liability, employment law, tax law and litigation will be fully deployed to represent your interests.

We can advise you about the various Dutch legal entities with the corresponding liabilities, tax advantages and contracts. We can also help you with the establishment of a Dutch legal entity, by means of drafting strong agreements, making up a strategy and risk analysis and we can advise you on the agreements to be made with cooperation partners, suppliers or customers. Also, we draw up general terms and conditions that suit your industry and that meet the legal requirements.

Unfortunately, business disputes can arise, for example about outstanding invoices or the quality of work performed or directors’ liability. In business disputes, our lawyers are happy to defend your interests. It is our strength to resolve disputes in consultation with the other party, taking into account the existing business relationship. However, we are also happy to assist you when it comes to a legal procedure.

We assist entrepreneurs in difficult times. This includes offering advice and support during restructuring, offering non-judicial settlement, an arrangement in bankruptcy or assistance with the application for bankruptcy or suspension of payments. We can also assist you in case of tax debts or when disputes arise with the bank. In addition, we assist entrepreneurs in the event of termination of the company.

Would you like to have a consultation with a corporate lawyer or would you like to know more about our services? Please feel free to contact one of our lawyers ([email protected]).